Escape artists on the move

There is nothing I like better than a few days away in my tiny camper  than  meeting up with other artists who also like to escape for a creative get away a lot of laughs and truth be told a lot of creating.

I am surprized at how much I personally get done when I have - Read More

The baby maker

when size does matter

I love making these gorgeous one of a kind fabric dolls.

There is something so special when each one is completed  with it's  own one of a kind outfit also hand stitched.

The doll is also hand stitched and I only use  Marino or Alpach fiber to fill the bodies which makes the dolls feel warm when - Read More

The baby maker


I have my creative BABY MAKING mojo back and am back working on two of of my fantasy creations .

This Elf Fairy head is now finished and while I wait for the body to arrive I will finish working on the limbs 

The baby maker

More pans progress

I have finally finished rooting the hair on the legs and torso of my Pan baby and I love it.



The baby maker

Pans Progress

I have been working on my pan baby for a number of months on and off and here is the progress so far.

The legs have both been hand rooted using a mixture of colours  with the hooves to have their final coat of paint this week. I started to root the hair on the torso - Read More

The baby maker

Van curtains being

I am rather pleased with myself as I have finally started on my van curtains and the first one is now up.

I am going very colourful this time so I am having a ball.



The baby maker

My travel home is getting a few tweaks

I have saved enough to send my gorgeous van away for a little tweaking. I do not like having the bed made up as that means I have to sit on it if I am inside so I am going to get the TINY (not made for real people ) single bed - Read More

The baby maker

Coffee or Soft drink Carriers

$20 each ( travel cups not included)
How gorgeous are these handmade bags to carry coffee or take away drinks leaving your hands free while you stroll around.
These bags are made from repurposed fabrics and have a custom made -
Read More
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Living the Dream

Yes I am about to hit the road again in the Galah ( my camper) as spring is here and yes I love my tiny camper sooooooo over the next four weeks I am going to Gypsy it up and make it a whole lot of funky so please feel free to call on in - Read More

The baby maker

Tiny doll .4.



$40 includes postage in Australia

here is another dolls for those who collect Celtic style dolls

How beautiful is this 8 inch fabric doll which has been handmade from top to bottom.

This gorgeous girl is based on the faceless Armish dolls and has been - Read More

The baby maker

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